“I find clients for my clients.”
— Nichola Robinson
My Agency And Objectives
For a period spanning more than 20 years as a business development manager it has been my privilege to have worked with some of the finest designers, architects, main contractors and creative agencies in the business.  It is from these sources that I have been able to develop my understanding of the demanding but exciting world of commercial contracting. 
Equally I am grateful to the many wonderful and creative people I have met and worked alongside in the manufacturing and service sectors without whom the Industry would be a poorer place.   It is my pleasure to list a selected number on my Home page as my Agency clients.
The purpose of this Agency is to create a portal for new business.  We aim to do this using our in depth knowledge of the Industry and considerable portfolio of contacts, bringing together leaders in design and construction with the latest technological advancements, inspiring art forms, new names, young and exciting businesses, thus laying down a dynamic framework for the future.
To support the objectives of the Agency I am pleased to introduce the reader to My Directory.  This is an expanding data base of businesses within the Industry and can be accessed from the menu above. 
About me
Nichola Robinson

The focus throughout my career in sales and marketing has been to excel as a business development manager.  This road has introduced me to some widely diverse fields of interest within the framework of interior design and down exacting and sometimes critical paths in important sectors such as Health Care, Leisure, Hospitality and Education.  


Knowledge is key and attention to detail vital so getting to know the huge range of materials available on the market was, during my formative years, a feature high on my priority list. That meant rolling up my sleeves and working alongside manufacturers and suppliers of lighting and fabrics, wall coverings and laminates, furnishings and even digital printing in a quest to execute superb projects to the highest of standards, on budget and on time.


I've always believed that thinking outside ones comfort zone is where creativity begins. It focuses the mind and takes you to the edge where you start building bridges. That might involve simple issues such as finding new suppliers and service providers for a particular project or perhaps taking bolder steps to re-examine the structure of that project. It's what sets you apart from the crowd and lays the path to success and greater reward.



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If you have a specific enquiry that requires the individual attention of Nichola then please contact her on mobile number 07507 996670